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Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Unexpected Muse for the Weekend: Final Day 3

On the final day of the weekend and our last shoot for this trip, we went to the studio. After a little time cleaning up and reorganizing from Masquerotica, we were ready to shoot.

I had a chance to set up my own little kink.com-style shoot.

Then, she surprised me with an arm suspension. You'd have to do this to realize it, but an arm suspension like this is far harder than an inverted single leg suspension. I've had wrist cuffs that support body weight for years, but this is the first time I've used them.

She was so excited by the suspension that she couldn't sleep until 5 am, and I had a lot of really cool pics.

This drew our weekend's shoots to an end as she left to meet other people in her travels. She's gone from SF, but I won't forget her anytime soon.

An Unexpected Muse for the Weekend: Day 2

Saturday was the big night for the Masq event, but we had an afternoon to shoot before that. A little rope on the counter with a weight tugging the rope straight through her crotch and C.H. was looking great. 

The sunlight looked so dramatic that we just shot her on the floor. Her fingers came in handy, no pun intended.

On the big night, I shot the four models together before the crowds came. This is what they call a cuddle puddle.

Once again it's either nudity or alcohol, so there was lots of skin and drinking at the venue, but no real nudity.

I was really happy about how this weekend was turning out, and had one more day.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Unexpected Muse for the Weekend: Day 1

I posted a casting call for a model in my Masquerotica photo shoot this year. Chux responded, and her profile was perfect. Something along the lines of being an exhibitionist and the more people watching, the wetter she got. I take these things with a grain of salt because people tend to exaggerate, not to mention she hadn't done much modeling before.

A few days before Masq, I asked if she wanted to be a muse for the weekend and she agreed. I didn't know what she'd be like, but it was a good way to jump back into shooting more and out of my hiatus. Neither of us had dinner yet, so I put her exhibitionist side to a mild test while eating. She passed.

Although Chux already told me what she'd be comfortable shooting, I was apprehensive because I didn't see that in any of her pics. She says she loves dancing so I took some shots of that instead, but it wasn't working. I asked if she'd be comfortable masturbating, and she jumped right in.

Not only is she an exhibitionist, but she can cum faster than almost anyone I know. So what happens when you combine an erotic photographer with a lovely exhibitionist model who can cum quickly and easily?

After a few shoots and as many climaxes, I took some artsier looks.

That was a great start. I was looking forward to what the next day would hold...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A different side of Casey: Part 2

While shooting glam on the beach, I couldn't help sneaking in some artsier shots of Casey. The results were smashing - Casey's versatility came though again.

The hardest part about shooting on the rocks is that she was about 35' away most the time. It wasn't easy for her to hear me over the pounding of the waves.

I shoot art shots only when inspiration strikes.

Fortunately, Casey's a very striking model.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A different side of Casey: Part 1

The day before Folsom Street Fair, Casey and I headed to Angel Island to get some shots. By the time we arrived at the Tiburon ferry, we discovered the last ferry off the island would be 10 minutes after we arrived. So nix Angel Island and go to plan B, Baker Beach.

Ah yes, the famous nude beach in SF where nearly everyone is clothed. Except for a few old guys with pot bellies. Nothing wrong with that, but but it's probably not the fantasy. 

Today though, Baker Beach was going to have an upgrade in its nudity. 

While walking to the shoot location, she quipped, "I if I took my clothes off now, I'd probably start to feel horny". Maintaining focus while a couple girls are having sex with vaginas inches from my nose is easy, but comments like that from Casey make my world wobble and spin topply turvy. I'm grateful that comic strip thought-bubbles don't appear over my head.

Casey needed more plain nudes that weren't fetish or kinky. Being her fill-in-the-gaps photographer, I was happy to oblige and scoop up some brownie points. 

We both wanted to stay dry. Her excuse was being a Florida girl. My excuse was I hated wet feet. A big wave came along, and made us double fail. If we're going to be wet, we might as well do it right. 

That wasn't all we shot because I had to take some art shots of her too. Stay tuned for more... 

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Day with Casey Calvert at Folsom Street Fair 2012

As Casey's official photographer for FSF 2012, I also got to play bodyguard. Should any other cute, smart and sexy girls require photography and bodyguard services, please inquire for details.

Now back to the main event where Casey always ends up being part of the show even when she's not. A few of the fun moments at FSF.

Casey with Katina

A Smile for the Camera

Oh look, rope....

Bumped into Starfalls and BF watching the rope.

Back to the show.

Skilled hands at work.

Casey's going to hate this pic for reasons no one could possibly guess...

Getting into the zone

The look.

The master at work.

Finally suspended.


I am a professional. Do not try this with your own camera.

Even sunglasses cannot hide the the stare.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adreena from the UK

When I was in high school, an exchange student from the UK, Moira, attended for a year. I didn't know her well, but loved her British accent and she was quite the cutie. So ever since I've shot, one of my checklist items has been to shoot with a model with an English accent. That chance came on Sunday with Adreena.

In my imagination, a model with a English accent would be punctual, well spoken, well mannered, and very prim and proper. And Adreena was all of that, except for being prim and proper. Calling her prudish would amount to slander.

Adreena pointed out that most models in the UK aren't quite so stereotypical, but I'm very happy to report my stereotype has kept intact. She was really fun, informative, helpful, and easy to work with. I hope she has a chance to come back someday because I'll certainly be waiting if she does.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

256 Shades of Sepia

It was T and L's first time shooting something this bold, but they jumped in without hesitation. Neither the concrete floor nor fan seemed to have any effect on their passion, but they were both responsive to suggestions throughout the shoot. 

They're both involved in the entertainment industry, so maybe that was part of the reason they were so comfortable. But most likely it was the chemistry between them. In either way, the pics were served warm and hot, just the way I like them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art Book Shoot with Lily

Some weeks back, I received an invite to be part of the next Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography. This is one of the premiere publications on erotic photography with many internationally reknowned photographers, 75 of them in fact. Needless to say I was thrilled and accepted immediately.

The editor said he'd send an exciting new theme that the photographers would love later on. Fast forward a couple weeks when he shared the theme, my jaw dropped. He needed a couple dozen pics to be submitted so he could narrow it down to less than 10 but only a handful of my images met the theme criteria, much less a couple dozen. 

To get enough photographs, the best way was to do a shoot just for this book. But so many photographs with so little time presented a challenge so I immediately put out a casting call for models.

Many models were interested, but Lily LeFleur stood out because of her enthusiasm. Of course a model needs to look good, but I absolutely love working with models who are unabashedly committed and excited about the project. 

My primary concern was I had never shot with Lily before and her images at the time didn't show the kind of look I was after. She was also fairly inexperienced with modeling. Still, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to work with someone with such a compelling attitude so I took a chance. 

For 6 days, Lily and I had back to back shoots ranging from solos to multi-model shoots. Lily was everything I could have asked for. She was completely committed to making it work. 

The other models who participated were very excited about the results, too, although none shot more than a day. In addition to Lily, thanks also go to Jenipurr, Andrea Rosu, KatinaRaine, TomiKnox, KrystaKaos, Kathryn, CaseyCalvert, RaindeGrey, Katharine, Dannika, and Zoey who were amazing too. 

I don't want to ruin the surprise by saying what the theme is, but see if you can figure it out from the photos.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Exotic and Flexible Odaxe

I had wanted to shoot with Lady Odaxe for awhile, but she wasn't local. Then I received a message from her about shooting the coming weekend. She was traveling through SF so I couldn't miss this opportunity.

She looked good when I picked her up at BART for the trip to the studio. But after putting on makeup she transformed into a sexier and intense vixen.

I hadn't given the concept much advance thought because I knew so little about her. Also, I was working on my entry into an art book so I didn't have time for anything overly ambitious. The most straightforward concept was to take advantage of her flexibility, and when she said she enjoyed asphyxiation, that was my cue for adding some water.

All in all, this was a great shoot for something last minute on a busy week. I loved the pics and can't wait til I shoot with her again.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hanging out with Kathryn and SirenWolf

Kathryn asked if I was free for a shoot on the weekend. I couldn't pass up the opportunity despite a busy week. Hanging with her is more like bud than model, except the bud happens to have big boobs and is happy to have a camera pointing a few inches away from her naked crotch.

On the other hand, she's not the usual model either. She's happy to let her friend T fist her all day long even though she's a lesbian. But he's not the typical guy either. Lovely models are always asking him to stuff all sorts of things into them. To top it off, he's also a great photographer and shoots (and does!) crazy stuff that I wouldn't even dream about. Maybe if I get some ink. Yeah, that must be it. Anyway, I digress...

Back to the shoot, I suggest two glass dildoes at once. Kathryn said she'd never done it before, but when she stuck them in, she said, "This is amazingly orgasmic! I feel likc cumming now!"* We take some shots, and Kathryn keeps going on and on about how incredible it feels with two glass dildos inside **  "I've got to do this with three and four"*** she exclaimed!  

After awhile, Siren arrived to turn it into a girl-girl shot. I got them in some poses and as Kathryn was licking on Siren's fingers, Siren kept saying, "This is torture". My eyebrow rose and Kathryn explained, "You can't see what I'm doing to her finger inside my mouth".

Hmmm, ok. After a few more comments from Siren about being tortured, I took pity and let them have some girl sex to get it out of the way. Just like that, mouths were locked to pussies as I scurried around to find the best angles.  

You maybe wondering how I can be so magnanimous. It's all part of being willing to suffer for the shot. Seriously though, it was a fine way to take some pics, meet with a couple of hotties, and hang out on a Saturday afternoon. 


* Kathryn's words might have been closer to, "These bumps on the dildo are really rough." But that's really girl-talk for orgasmic. 

** Kathryn's words might have been more like "This is kind of uncomfortable but I'll do it for the shot", but that's girl-speak for pleasurable. 

*** Kathryn's words might have closer to, "I wouldn't want to do that again", but that's girl-talk for wanting more someday.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collar, Leash, and Drip

The first two were the words ZoeyZ suggested for the shoot. Although sub-slave concepts aren't my strong suit (I feel that depicting the relationship is too literal for my minimalist studio), I had to try since she seemed so excited about that idea for her first girl-girl shoot.

So entering from stage left comes SgSue. Her bright red hair was a great match with Zoey's gold. In addition to a few tats, she also brought a curved glass dildo with all a ball at the end.

As we were shooting, Sue put the toy in and rubbed it against Zoey's G spot. Zoey said that felt good, while I'd ask them to turn this way or the other so the light would catch her better.

Then they would burst out laughing and the action halted, and we'd have to start from scratch. This repeated a few times until I finally realized neither had  done any shoots like this. They kept going into that blissful state only to hear a loud voice demanding, "Chin up, please!" and the elation that built up would come crashing down and turn into fits of giggles.

From the pics, Zoey and Sue had a good time despite the interruptions. I'm glad because I'm not feeling the least bit guilty :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Anal hook sans the anal

Andrea Rosu and I have been trying to schedule for awhile. She brought up the idea of using an anal hook while standing up but I was skeptical. With a thin curved rod attached to a big ball at the end, you don't see anything but the small rod when it's inserted, especially when also trying to get a good face shoot. Still, it's new for me, so I thought it would be interesting to try.

Separately, she also brought along  a dragon fruit for a second look. I brought some purple yams as well.

To prepare, Andrea suggests stacking concrete blocks to lean against. I put one down and she leans over it to show how it could look after all of them are in place. I see her ass in the air with her crotch exposed, and it's obvious that one block is all we need.

The catch is the hook is hidden if it goes in the ass, so we put it in her pussy. Perfect. We can get a great shot of the hook, a great pose, and that's the shot. I didn't see the point in putting it in her ass because it would have been hidden.

For the second look, I though the purple yams would be interesting because they have a lot of texture, but they reminded Andrea of poop. They look like fat roots to me and would probably work well for an art shot but it's important for the model to believe in the concept and it's getting late so I don't have a problem shooting with the dragon fruit.

She looked really raunchy with the dragon fruit. This is why the model needs to believe in the shot. If she does, she'll do whatever is needed to make the it work. Plus, I love slutty and raunchy even though I don't shoot it much, so it all worked out.