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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A different side of Casey: Part 1

The day before Folsom Street Fair, Casey and I headed to Angel Island to get some shots. By the time we arrived at the Tiburon ferry, we discovered the last ferry off the island would be 10 minutes after we arrived. So nix Angel Island and go to plan B, Baker Beach.

Ah yes, the famous nude beach in SF where nearly everyone is clothed. Except for a few old guys with pot bellies. Nothing wrong with that, but but it's probably not the fantasy. 

Today though, Baker Beach was going to have an upgrade in its nudity. 

While walking to the shoot location, she quipped, "I if I took my clothes off now, I'd probably start to feel horny". Maintaining focus while a couple girls are having sex with vaginas inches from my nose is easy, but comments like that from Casey make my world wobble and spin topply turvy. I'm grateful that comic strip thought-bubbles don't appear over my head.

Casey needed more plain nudes that weren't fetish or kinky. Being her fill-in-the-gaps photographer, I was happy to oblige and scoop up some brownie points. 

We both wanted to stay dry. Her excuse was being a Florida girl. My excuse was I hated wet feet. A big wave came along, and made us double fail. If we're going to be wet, we might as well do it right. 

That wasn't all we shot because I had to take some art shots of her too. Stay tuned for more... 


  1. Splendid and magnificient.


  2. simply wonderful choice of the model and great pics, like always :)