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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freaky Artography

I kept looking at FreakyMar's photos and thought that with a little work, it could really pop. So I started by making her a little taller. Then a tweak to the leg. More tweaks. Then I composited photos I took of the ancient temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

One thing led to another, and I ended up with this. There's still some improvement that could be done, but I'm pretty happy with the way it looks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dance De La BDSM

FreakyMar came by last night, who it turns out is not very freaky. She was, however, a competitive skater so she's bendy and athletic.  

Never one to waste an opportunity, I made the use of her skills. Suspensions like these are never easy, but the more athletic the model, the better they can pull it off. And when someone's in performing arts, they also know how to control their expressions even during difficult pose.

I had planned on layering additional themes on top of it, but the pose was stressful and she couldn't maintain it too long. This looked good so we went with a classic dance look with a BDSM twist. Something she did a great job with.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunshine in Rain

I had a rough day and was feeling down the night I was scheduled to shoot with Rain. She's tough, but also caring, supportive, and fun to hang around. If any model could help me get out of my funk, she'd be the one.

Rain brought a nice surprise: a six pack or nearly so. She'd been exercising and was in better shape than ever. Even her face was sexier. Naturally, she wanted to get a few shots of her new look and I obliged.

We took some shots with a bra and underwear, before she took her bra off. We took more shots highlighting her abs and boobs. After awhile she pushed her underwear down on one side. This is such a common glam pose that I didn't think twice of it and kept taking pics.

After a few minutes I noticed her expressions were becoming more intense. Looking carefully from my shoot position 20' away, I realized she had been fingering herself the whole time. Being a a little down, I did the unthinkable by asking her to switch poses when she was close to cumming. She stumbled forward and mumbled, "Whaaaatttt?" in a daze, which she's in whenever she cums.

When I'm low, I try different things. In this case to her surprise, I did some glam shots and in the process, talked a lot, exchanged a few hugs, and sure enough, felt better at the end.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Starfalls Brings a Shiny Toy

With Starfalls, I never know what to expect but it's always going to be interesting. One time she brought Bobby Bends and a lovely roommate, another time a dress, and this time... a shiny new chrome butt plug. My first thought was this would be great with the magic wand and looked forward to the engaging looks and sound effects.

Prior to the shoot she told me she wasn't feeling very well but wanted to go ahead anyway, and posing in the bed seemed the least strenuous. After the perfunctory lighting, she stuck in the plug, turned on the wand, and I got ready to go. 

I watched Starfall's expressions as she began to moan, "The wand is making me nauseous." Uh oh. Not the exactly what I expected to hear. She still wanted to go ahead though - sans wand - and we kept shooting. 

Starfalls is convinced I have an ass fetish. I know better than to bite the hand that feeds me, and want to keep a good thing going so not a word of contradiction from me. Here's an ass shot that she does so well. 

And despite her being sick, the shoot was still steamy, I had a great time, and can't wait til she's 100% again.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

James Wets Katharine

JamesDarling was the other model that Katharine said she had a crush on. I couldn't very well let the girl's love - or lust - go unrequited, so I set up a shoot with the two of them. We shot in the bedroom, but it turned out to be a bad light night for me. It seemingly took forever to set up the lights this time. Adjust. Shoot. Adjust. Shoot. repeat ad Nauseum.

Once I stopped groaning about the lighting, the two of them went at it. Soon after James started on Katharine, she began to drool. That means she's having a hella fun time, and it seemed impolite to interrupt her to pose too often. Not that it mattered much. She wasn't able to follow instructions for more than a few seconds before moaning and thrashing. I get ignored a lot in shoots like these. 

Then came another surprise. Without the slightest warning, she squirted. Not some little newbie squirt, but a huge splat-got-James-hand soaking wet squirt. Funny thing is, she doesn't even like the feeling and it's only the 2nd time it happened to her. I wasn't prepared and didn't have the best shot, but pics or it didn't happen so here's the tail end.

As Katharine pointed out, she's become a fixture in my shoots. Katharine and Casey. Katharine and Rain.  Katharine solo. Katharine and James. Strange things can happen with so much familiarity, like wearing a huge bow on my head while shooting. Fortunately there's no pic of that, so it never happened.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Painting the Big Bang

Everyone says how great pens and tablets are for artwork, so last week I ordered a Wacom Intuous4 on a whim. When I googled how to set the thing up, I found some vids about making paintings from photos. Hmm, wonder what an erotic painting would look like?

Oh. My. God. Using a tablet was incredible. After that, going back to a mouse for photoshop work is like using a garden shovel to drink soup. Count me as one of the converted.

Here's my first painting.

This public announcement is over and I now leave you to your usual perviness.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Want her to bang me til I bleed... Part 1.5

Those were Katharine's words the first time when shooting with Rain, but she wasn't really bleeding at the end. Rain ended up cumming first, and buckled over and started mumbling incoherently. She eventually recovered, but that put the kibosh on the shoot's momentum.

This second shoot was going to be different. I was excited and got to the studio early. And waited. No Rain. No Katharine. I checked my cell and a half dozen texts were from Rain and Katharine sent while driving to the studio. Rain was stuck in traffic, and Katharine was late. I checked with Rain first, and she decided to give up after being stuck in the jam for an hour and a half.

I let Katharine know, but she was driving and didn't check until she arrived. We were both disappointed and I fumbled a little come up with concepts for a solo instead. After playing around with the blocks, we had some neat ideas and the shoot turned out alright. No drooling or ass fucking, but the pics and the company turned out great.

So we're still waiting for Part 2, but in the meantime, Go Katharine!