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Monday, February 27, 2012

Exotic Nadira

On a Wed evening I had a casual shoot with Nadira. As a photographer, it's rare to have an opportunity to shoot someone whose ethnicity traces back to India, traditionally a conservative culture. She had found me through one of my exhibitions at an SF event.

She planned on bringing a dildo, but I was pleasantly surprised to see something as large and ornate as hers.

I didn't know what to expect before we shot because she's not really in the scene as my others models are, but I found her to be really fun and down to earth. She was a  really fun to talk to, and I loved her exotic features.

We shot at a couple different locations at the SF location and got a lot of great shots. We have another shoot coming up, and I'm excitedly looking forward to that one too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nature Bondage Pinup

I had shot with Zoey once before, and was looking forward to a fun shoot bdsm-nature concept where I had a chance to get all my favorite things in - photography, rope, and the wand. She wanted to incorporate nature into the shoot, and had a lot of ideas for doing so.

Vines on the model was a very old concept for me, something I shot for many years a long time ago. It seemed appropriate for a first solo shoot with a nature theme. After putting on the rope and adding the vine, we started the test shots. When that looked good, I attached the wand and after adjusting it to hit just the right spot, we started shooting in earnest.

At first the  results were an obvious allegory to the state of our environment today, with global warming and pollution. But after some more tweaks on the images, it looked more like bondage nature pinup so I went with that look. It seems very cool and her expressions were great.

She said she'd never been suspended before, and I used a suspension harness as part of the rope work. To break in her suspension virginity, I added a couple of supports around the thigh and we did a quick suspension just for the kicks. It only happened if there are pics so here's one of that.

It was a different and exciting look from most my work, and I hope to shoot with Zoey many more times in the future.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Column with Destiny

The week ended better than it started and the column still hadn't been christened with a really naughty concept. My shoot with Destiny was on Saturday, something I was especially looking forward to because it was our first shoot. Shooting a model the first time is both anxious and exciting. Anxious because I never know how it will turn out, but exciting to shoot someone new.

Pianola was there to assist, and I was ready to try yet another column shoot, albeit more risque than before. Step one was for Pianola to rig Destiny to the column, and I took some shots that were more conservative that would be good for vanilla modeling sites.

Now it was time to get kinky. Destiny said she was ready and Pianola generously agreed to loan her hands. It wasn't easy to maintain her balance, but Pianola managed to keep her fingers going in Destiny's pussy and Destiny's writhing gave just the needed look.

The rope left some great marks, and Destiny wanted to snap a few quick pics. I saw no better opportunity to sneak a second look and happily volunteered. I politely suggested that while she was posing there, perhaps she could also finger herself? Destiny had no problems obliging and a second set of great pics emerged.

So my Saturday resulted in a great set of pics from a pair of really cool models.

Double suspension minus the double DP

With Rain and Katharine on Thursday, we were planing on a double DP but some things conspired against that. I had just received my 300' of rope, and found a mount point in the SF studio. Those were enticing, but not normally enough to get me away from something more scandalous.

The final nail was it had been a rough day. I tend to do my best kinky concepts when everything's going smoothly, but this day had a lot of garbage in tow. So to my own surprise, I changed the concept from a double DP to a double 69 suspension, or almost so.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to do the double-double someday but this was just what the doctor.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bottoming on Top

Although I was supposed to be exhibiting at the On the Edge 2 exhibition Saturday, I couldn't miss an opportunity for a model shoot for the early afternoon. Pianola and another model confirmed, but the other model bailed at the last moment. When life makes you lemons, yada yada so we went on with the shoot.

She asked if the location had a mount point and as I started to say no, I realized the answer was really an emphatic yes. I rigged the mount points on the huge columns, she rigged herself, and before you know it she was hanging way up there.

For extra special expressions from Pianola - and I'm all about the extra special expressions - I attached the Magic Wand, added a little wind, and continued shooting.

Someone bought one of my prints at the exhibition and took it so there was a gap in my display. So that evening, I printed one of the shots from that morning and displayed it at the exhibition. So despite missing a model, we still had double the fun and a very fun shoot.

On the Edge 2 Exhibition - Arty, Porny, and better

I just  finished exhibiting at On the Edge 2 over the weekend. The work was substantially better than the previous year. They also had more non-local and well known photogs, so the show is expanding.

It gave me a chance to meet lots of fellow photog and model buddies and meet some new ones too. Yay! I scheduled shoots with new and, cool models, Destiny and Nicole Malice. Double Yay! Yours truly won the Best Photographer of Show. Triple Yay! I sold enough prints to break even. Quad Yay!

I couldn't get by a weekend without shooting, so I had a couples shoot set up for early Sat afternoon when the show would be slower, but more on that blog later.

This one with KristaKaos, Endersilence, and Lillakat received the most discussion in person. Some people don't even realize there's fisting. Even more don't realize there's double fisting. That's awesome :)

By audience vote, here are my most popular pics. The new work is getting as much attention as the best of older work, which is gratifying because I'm not a has-been before ever being a been.

Two of them are older pics.

People also don't necessarily vote for what they buy, but it's still good feedback.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Yin for a Yang

On Sunday I was set to shoot a tall, exotic model with a shoot planned for months. A quick text 40 minutes before to check on her schedule... and nada. Uh oh. Text again. Nothing. Oh great, my first no show in a long time, wasted gas, and wasted time. But there was the day before...

On Saturday I had a shoot with Pianola. She's a cute Asian and nearly a musical prodigy of sorts. She's also smart and kinky. The items she brought included an Erhu (Chinese musical instrument), canes, a pony tail butt plug, rope, mask, and clothespins. Between the canes and the plug, I knew she was going to be interesting.

I had just received 300' of new untreated hemp rope so we had two concepts. The poses with the Erhu were good, but I wanted more emotion. We got the Hitachi magic wand, placed it under her, and turned it on. Vibrating against the wood chair, the wand made a loud buzzsaw sound and she couldn't stop giggling. Definitely not the emotion I was after.

Pianola put a cloth under the wand. That did the trick and the wand made a happy humming sound and in just about no time, Pianola was throbbing too and started to moan, then scream. I couldn't have guessed that playing with an erhu could be so passionate.

Then we turned to rope. She wanted to self rig a mermaid outfit, and since Pianola's a bit of a perfectionist, she has a knack for intricate work. Even so, it took hours to put together. 300' is s lot of rope so I kept busy by reading the Wheel of Time fantasy on Kindle and watching the cute naked Asian girl talking to herself on how to tie the outfit.

After a few small touches like a rope necklace, we took the shots. Given the time spent on rope, I wanted to combine it with a nice background. With lots of photos to work on and a very fun model who even gave me a hands on tutorial on using the cane, my weekend turned out great despite the cancellation.