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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I want her bang me in the ass til I bleed...

Those were Katharine's words when I presented her with the opportunity to shoot with Rain. Which is perfect because Rain is all about banging girls and guys with a strap on.

I didn't want a conventional shot because there's millions of those already. At the studio I suggested something kitchz for fun, but the idea wasn't getting a lot of love from Rain and Katharine was agreeing with her on just about everything. As she explained, "Rain is going to bang me in the ass, so of course!" No love indeed.

Then I tried a different angle. What about something edgier, like Jason meets Jenna Jameson? Rain still wasn't feeling it, but Katharine abstained from commenting. Ha! I was on the right track and she must have loved the idea.

Katharine didn't really end up bleeding, but there's always next time. The two had great chemistry and the shots were banging. So to speak.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Weekend: Epilogue (part 4 of 4)

Even though the results were good, the weekend shoots with Casey lacked the spark of her previous trip. I tried a solo shoot, but it didn't help. She was polite and cooperative but the energy was gone.

She flew out the next morning. I didn't know what happened and tried to put it out of my mind. A few days later, she left a message and everything changed again.

"You know how I thought I was tired out from kink? Well, I went to the doctor and I have strep throat. No wonder I felt like crap that whole weekend. But next time we shoot, it'll be just like the first time...."


The Big Weekend: Last Shoot (part 3 of 4)

I had invited a half dozen of the best riggers and photographers for the last shoot, including Dan from the Naughty Boys, Tom Foolery, Ivan, and others. The last shoot was to be the most brazen and debauched one but needed Casey to be in top form. When I picked her up though, she was still sore. As we talked while waiting for people to arrive, it still felt off and I knew my concepts wouldn't work today. I decided to tone it down and discarded the idea that had been planned for weeks.

Even with a tamer shoot, Casey seemed to struggle although no one else could tell but me. When she complained about the texture of the rope, only I knew that a couple months ago, she kept encouraging me to make a difficult concept work while folded over backwards on a cold concrete floor for hours. Something was very wrong.

To be sure, Casey still looks great on an off day. Nonetheless, I wrapped the shoot quickly and thanked everyone for coming.

Days afterward, I'm still wondering what went wrong. Perhaps the concepts didn't live up to her expectations. Or maybe it was something I did. In any case the shoots were over and they hadn't lived up to either of our expectations.

Then I saw a message from her that changed everything....

The Big Weekend: The Party (part 2 of 4)

The idea was to have a kinky dinner party where the main course wasn't the food. As the invite said...

I would like to invite you to a very special night. It's a dinner party, here in SF.The theme is "Eyes Wide Shut". You can wear clothes if you are more comfortable - or nudity if you prefer. Masks will be available for everyone who wants them. The model will be the dish.

The concepts will all involve her not knowing who's playing with her. She'll be blindfolded or other means will ensure that's the case. Chi will direct everyone to do the most atrocious things to her. This has her request and approval. I am told her personality is even better than her looks.

Two of the guests couldn't make it to the party, but fortunately enough attended that we had enough - barely. Casey was placed on the table, and as the food and drink was prepared. People started to eat and drink, while Katharine and Charisma took turns feeding Casey on one end while playing with her on the other.

Everyone was having a good time and Casey was grinning when she wasn't cumming or being fed.

Charisma found the back view was as good as the front.

Although a little more free-form than I planned, the shoot was close to the original concept and worked out well. The biggest and most audacious shoot was tomorrow though, so I crossed my fingers and hoped things would continue to trend up.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Weekend: Choppy Waters (part 1 of 4)

I usually keep shoots small because they're less work and turn out better. However, I was so excited to shoot with Casey while she was blindfolded that I planned an elaborate series of shoots for the weekend. It was such an edgy idea, and I knew just how to make it memorable.

For photography, you put on a blindfold, click click click and take it off. Fast and simple. Wearing the blindfold for the day was all about the sensations. It was different and took me 2 weeks of all my free time to plan for these 2 days.

The day of the first set of shoots though, two models canceled out of three. I had to run back for for my camera. We had other delays. Casey's kink.com shoot the day before wore her down more than we expected.

Katharine was the only model out of three to make it. Fortunately, her eye for style, concepts, and props once again proved indispensable when we had to accommodate last minute changes. 

Before starting, Casey reminded me she needed to pee. We obliged and let her pee. While Katharine was playing with her. Apparently pee and play isn't as easy as it sounds.  

The little drizzle wasn't enough, so Casey was doused to make up for it.

Casey responded well afterwards. Her toes do not lie. 

The shoot turned out despite the rough start. This was just the start and I hoped the next two events would go smoother.