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Monday, April 30, 2012

Exotic and Flexible Odaxe

I had wanted to shoot with Lady Odaxe for awhile, but she wasn't local. Then I received a message from her about shooting the coming weekend. She was traveling through SF so I couldn't miss this opportunity.

She looked good when I picked her up at BART for the trip to the studio. But after putting on makeup she transformed into a sexier and intense vixen.

I hadn't given the concept much advance thought because I knew so little about her. Also, I was working on my entry into an art book so I didn't have time for anything overly ambitious. The most straightforward concept was to take advantage of her flexibility, and when she said she enjoyed asphyxiation, that was my cue for adding some water.

All in all, this was a great shoot for something last minute on a busy week. I loved the pics and can't wait til I shoot with her again.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hanging out with Kathryn and SirenWolf

Kathryn asked if I was free for a shoot on the weekend. I couldn't pass up the opportunity despite a busy week. Hanging with her is more like bud than model, except the bud happens to have big boobs and is happy to have a camera pointing a few inches away from her naked crotch.

On the other hand, she's not the usual model either. She's happy to let her friend T fist her all day long even though she's a lesbian. But he's not the typical guy either. Lovely models are always asking him to stuff all sorts of things into them. To top it off, he's also a great photographer and shoots (and does!) crazy stuff that I wouldn't even dream about. Maybe if I get some ink. Yeah, that must be it. Anyway, I digress...

Back to the shoot, I suggest two glass dildoes at once. Kathryn said she'd never done it before, but when she stuck them in, she said, "This is amazingly orgasmic! I feel likc cumming now!"* We take some shots, and Kathryn keeps going on and on about how incredible it feels with two glass dildos inside **  "I've got to do this with three and four"*** she exclaimed!  

After awhile, Siren arrived to turn it into a girl-girl shot. I got them in some poses and as Kathryn was licking on Siren's fingers, Siren kept saying, "This is torture". My eyebrow rose and Kathryn explained, "You can't see what I'm doing to her finger inside my mouth".

Hmmm, ok. After a few more comments from Siren about being tortured, I took pity and let them have some girl sex to get it out of the way. Just like that, mouths were locked to pussies as I scurried around to find the best angles.  

You maybe wondering how I can be so magnanimous. It's all part of being willing to suffer for the shot. Seriously though, it was a fine way to take some pics, meet with a couple of hotties, and hang out on a Saturday afternoon. 


* Kathryn's words might have been closer to, "These bumps on the dildo are really rough." But that's really girl-talk for orgasmic. 

** Kathryn's words might have been more like "This is kind of uncomfortable but I'll do it for the shot", but that's girl-speak for pleasurable. 

*** Kathryn's words might have closer to, "I wouldn't want to do that again", but that's girl-talk for wanting more someday.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collar, Leash, and Drip

The first two were the words ZoeyZ suggested for the shoot. Although sub-slave concepts aren't my strong suit (I feel that depicting the relationship is too literal for my minimalist studio), I had to try since she seemed so excited about that idea for her first girl-girl shoot.

So entering from stage left comes SgSue. Her bright red hair was a great match with Zoey's gold. In addition to a few tats, she also brought a curved glass dildo with all a ball at the end.

As we were shooting, Sue put the toy in and rubbed it against Zoey's G spot. Zoey said that felt good, while I'd ask them to turn this way or the other so the light would catch her better.

Then they would burst out laughing and the action halted, and we'd have to start from scratch. This repeated a few times until I finally realized neither had  done any shoots like this. They kept going into that blissful state only to hear a loud voice demanding, "Chin up, please!" and the elation that built up would come crashing down and turn into fits of giggles.

From the pics, Zoey and Sue had a good time despite the interruptions. I'm glad because I'm not feeling the least bit guilty :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Anal hook sans the anal

Andrea Rosu and I have been trying to schedule for awhile. She brought up the idea of using an anal hook while standing up but I was skeptical. With a thin curved rod attached to a big ball at the end, you don't see anything but the small rod when it's inserted, especially when also trying to get a good face shoot. Still, it's new for me, so I thought it would be interesting to try.

Separately, she also brought along  a dragon fruit for a second look. I brought some purple yams as well.

To prepare, Andrea suggests stacking concrete blocks to lean against. I put one down and she leans over it to show how it could look after all of them are in place. I see her ass in the air with her crotch exposed, and it's obvious that one block is all we need.

The catch is the hook is hidden if it goes in the ass, so we put it in her pussy. Perfect. We can get a great shot of the hook, a great pose, and that's the shot. I didn't see the point in putting it in her ass because it would have been hidden.

For the second look, I though the purple yams would be interesting because they have a lot of texture, but they reminded Andrea of poop. They look like fat roots to me and would probably work well for an art shot but it's important for the model to believe in the concept and it's getting late so I don't have a problem shooting with the dragon fruit.

She looked really raunchy with the dragon fruit. This is why the model needs to believe in the shot. If she does, she'll do whatever is needed to make the it work. Plus, I love slutty and raunchy even though I don't shoot it much, so it all worked out.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Be published in an erotic art book

I have the privilege of being one of the photographers selected for next year's 2012 edition of the The Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography, and will have six pages of my photos there.


Because of editorial requirements, I'll need some extra shoots between May 3 through May 8, and possibly a shoot outside of that. Here's the participation options:

- There's lead models and non-lead models
- Lead models will be in multiple looks/pics. There are a limited number of leads (1-3) and they must be able to do at least 3+ shoots throughout that period, less if I've shot with you before.
- Non-lead models will participate in one shoot

Let me know if you're interested in either position. Models will need slim to fit figures and leads should be fit to handle suspension. Shoots would be in Redwood City (I can pick up from BART or Caltrain, possibly from SF) or San Francisco. Participating models will receive a copy of the book when it's published early next year.

Tweet (rue99), message on FL (rue99), or email (book@rue99.com)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Gropes, giggles, and boob milk

Pianola told me that Dannika was interested in shooting after seeing my prints. I messaged Dannika and we set a date. Before long, she finds a friend, Pink, a model I shot before to shoot with her. In no time at all, she finds another, Rain, a bud of mine too.

It occurs to me that Pink is still lactating, which would make a fun theme. Everyone is down with that and I'm excited to try something new. As I walk about the studio setting up the lighting, I notice Rain already has her fingers in Dannika and Pink and her wiggling is creating the expected oohs and ahs.

This is totally unfair. If Rain was a guy, she'd be locked away in San Quentin and they'd throw away the keys. As a porn star, everyone cums to her with a smile. If they ever have sexual equality, I want some of what she has.

We start with a Dryads theme but everyone is shivering from the blowing fan. I stop after a few minutes after some gripes. After warming up, the models finger each other, the fan goes back on, and the only sounds I hear are gentle moans and giggles. Nope, no complaints this time.

We take a short break, and Pink stretches by pulling herself up with a suspension ring. She inverts herself and the three of us gawk at her butt in the air. The light bulb in my head turns on and before we know it, the girls are having more fun with Pink.

We finally get to the lactation concept, with Pink squirting milk onto the other two, into the other two, and just generally having fun.

The stream coming from Pink's nipples is very fine. It's nearly a mist so I shoot close ups to catch the detail. Everyone's thoroughly drenched, but Rain is so excited about all this breast milk that she starts masturbating with the milk that's dripping onto her pussy and so excited about it she's tweeting about it. Maybe this explains why I have 100 followers to her 5000!

As the shoot wraps, Dannika comments that she didn't think there would be so much laughter. My shoots aren't always so light hearted, but this lusty trio certainly made it so. As soon as I square away my book project, I'll be shooting them again and look forward to more gropes and giggles.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Tubes - Third time's a charm

Zoey and I had a cool concept for a car shoot, but the lights in the studio were set up for another pose. Rather than tearing them down, I decided to try a sci-fi concept with some tubing first. A relatively quick shoot, and then we'd go back to the original concept.

This would be the third attempt for me using the steel tubes. They've always been a challenge to get right visually and they're heavy enough to be awkward to work with. The first time I tried was at the end of the day and the model ran out of time and energy. The second time worked better, although I struggled to get the best angle.

Fortunately, this third time was a charm although still a lot of work during the shoot and afterwards in post. Sci fi is a particularly difficult genre for me. Perhaps it's not something that lends itself to abstraction, and I don't have the right sets. This time was the closest I'd gotten to what I envisioned and something I was happy with.

We were short on time after all that, so we took some test shots with the car. I'll defer posting those until we have better ones in a subsequent shoot. Zoey is an amazing model and pulled off a very difficult shoot. I'm looking forward to my next one with her in the near future.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shooting Wired

I picked up Odile on Sunday for the shoot. She's a seeming paradox... she's a kink.com model who's much more comfortable getting battered, bruised, and fucked on video than having pics taken. She explains that with video, she has toys, other people, and moves around but in a  photograph, there's only a still and herself.

Before starting, I take some quick shots for her adult model agency which doubles as a warmup. Then, the main shoot concept is wire all over and a wired dildo too. I make one and she tries to squeeze it in... and can't. Oh oh. The concept's not going to be the same without it, but I don't want to say anything. I know how nervous she gets, so we move ahead without it.  

As I tie her up, she becomes increasingly anxious. She's doubting her ability to pull off the concept. I've seen Odile like this a few years ago, and know she'll do fine if she gets past this.  

I tell her to stop putting herself down. She responds by saying she doesn't know if she'll look good. Hmm, that was a fail. I warn her that she'll receive a slap her each time she says something bad about herself. Five seconds later, she starts to say, "I don't look good... " (slap) on the arm and she stops. Thirty seconds later, "But my expressions are always..." (slap) on the back and she stops again. I scramble to get the  minimum wire tied.  

Finally, we're able to start shooting. The wire is uncomfortable, the concrete block she's sitting on must hurt, and with all the difficult posing, it must be really uncomfortable. But she powers through all that and gives a lot of great poses. Yay! 

After the shoot is done, Odile previews a few pics and really likes them. I knew they'd turn out as long as she believed in herself.

With all that's said, Odile's a really nice person, talkative and fun too. We're planning on shooting again in the future. With this behind her, I'm sure she'll be more comfortable next time.  

I'll bring a riding crop just to be sure.