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Monday, March 26, 2012

Flight with Kathryn Dupri and a friend

I was expecting a lazy weekend without any shoots. Then I got an email from Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. They had extended the film submission deadline. Should I reenter my short movie this year. I've been editing it recently so it's getting really nice.

I found myself furiously working on Premiere Pro on Saturday. Add the sound of a hammer, a door slamming, timing changes. Then I saw a message from Kathryn Dupri that she's free to shoot Sunday. 

Ooooo, edit, or shoot? No brainer, so Sunday I was off to meet Kathryn at the studio at one. My first tip that her ideas of simple aren't the same as mine was her suggestion that we try suspension. Suspension is never that easy to rig and shoot. 

Then she managed to get Odile over to the shoot with an hour's notice. Why is it when I schedule models it takes weeks of advance planning, and Kathryn was able to get one in half an hour? I mean... Sorry, I digress. Call it pussy envy. 

So we take the shots and get a really cool suspension shot. Then the idea was to try a suspension shot where Kathryn would be wetting Odile. But before we get to that concept, I see that Kathryn has managed to get Odile to fist her. It was Odile's first time but she was going in and out without any problem. 

Now, why is it when I... Sorry, I digress again. Kathryn seems to have that effect. 

Being opportunistic, I take a few shots of the fisting before going back to setting up for the second look. During the shoot, I find out that Kathryn's been a celebrity photographer, accomplished equestrian, and now a kink.com producer and just a generally great person. 

It was a very fun shoot, although it wasn't quite the simple one I anticipated. Kathryn's feisty, and liked my work so much she tried to take my large b/w print on the way out. I managed to fend her off though. After all, I need something at the studio to make sure she keeps coming back. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Super Saturday with Ass Whore: Part 2/2

I had already finished a shoot earlier in the day, so this upcoming one with M and her husband was the gravy and a quick affair. It was already 7, so a few shots with the couple and I'd have more than my share for the week.

They had arrived first, and I hadn't eaten anything but a can of beans earlier in the day, so I was driving in with my $2.99 fish combo from Jack in the Box. I apologized about the broken glass from a dropped dildo earlier in the day, and needing to eat. They insisted on sweeping the floor to give me time to eat and although a little embarrassed, I was too hungry to refuse. But, that set the tone for one of the friendliest couples I've ever worked with.

This was the second time shooting Ass Whore and she lived up to her name. She loves anal. She loves vaginal. Oral. Suspension. Impact play. Moving around. Rough sex. Contorting. Double penetration. Triple penetration. Deep throating. I asked her to go down a bit more, and his thick cock instantly vanished instantly as her lips smashed against his base trying to squeeze in more.

I told them the Android showed 1 am. After hours upon hours of contorted sucking, fucking, and acrobatics, they asked, "Any more?" Oh god, they're insatiable.

I love it.

And when I got back... a record 50 GBs of pics from that one shoot.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bananas - Part 1

I saw a comment from a non-model on FL, Wunderpanties, and noticed she was in Campbell. That's close to me and there's some affinity from proximity, so I asked if she'd like to shoot. My usual questions are what the model limits and comfort levels with explicit work (e.g. things like fingering or  toys) and what concepts they like. She kept saying yes and in fact, the wilder the concept the more enthusiastic she became.

I didn't have any openings for the month, so we agreed to stay in touch. Then she sent some messages asking about bolder concepts, and loved them including one that probably can't be posted anywhere. I don't even know if I could get a print made, so that says a lot.

Models who love the dirtiest and most twisted concepts go way up on my priority list (just as models who are only looking for nudes go way down) so I just had to shoot with her *now*. That's how I found myself in the studio shooting with her on the day I was supposed to be kicking back and relaxing.

We tried a banana concept first, and also ropes with my wand. She was every bit as easy to work with as I could imagine. I got some nice rope shots, and also met a really cool person who I'll be shooting more of in the future.

As for the bananas... I'm going to have to work on those. Let's just say that food photography is a specialty of its own and and practice makes perfect.

Nadira and Leaves

Out of the photos from our prior shoot, Nadira liked ones of her sensually on the be. The ones with twine and being bound didn't resonate as much. So this time we were planning to do rope, but I wanted to capture a more sensual look while still having an edge. .

After a warmup look against a grey paper backdrop which wasn't really working that well because I didn't really have the right color, I tied her into a chair and added some vines. I hate the look of fake vines because the leaves don't look real. Real leaves are 3 dimensional with texture and ridges that create beautiful glints and shadows with a waxy shine. Fake leaves are printed, so they don't look like any of that. On the other other hand, I didn't have several hours to scrounge around so the artificial variety would have to do.

We started with some posed shots, but then she squirmed for more interesting looks. I cleverly thought a magic wand would add some tension. I tied the wand to her c-spot, and bingo, she looked.... relaxed? content? satisfied? Definitely not tension though, but the pics still turned out great and I had a really fun time capturing her exotic look.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Reflections - 3 Models

I shot with FreakyMar again, but this time she brought two friends, Persephoned and SgSue for a threesome. The look and size between them was very different, so I posed them so similar features were all in the shot. The most notable was SgSue's bright red hair, which made an ideal focal point for the image.

Add some water on the floor to capture some reflections, and we have a hot sexy looking mess. "Looking" is the operative word because the floor was wet, cold, and hard. I believe one of the models said "There is no way I'm going to cum like this".

Because my mind uses reverse logic, I'm sure that means they all did, but I'm happy with the results regardless.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sweet and Dirty

While planning the shoot, Tatiana asked some standard questions but an unusual one was if she could bring a rigger (in addition to her SO) when I mentioned a rope concept. I'm all for bringing support, but someone standing over my shoulder to oversee my work couldn't be good for creativity, so I nixed that.

Any anxiety I had vanished when I met Tatiana in person. She turned out to be a sweetheart and her BF was just as easy going. She was happy to try all the ideas we threw together and both of them were as cooperative and patient as I could have wished. We got some great pics, and the shoot went quickly. She even put up with the wind without batting an eye.

The images turned out pretty and dirty, not to mention pretty dirty, which is just the way I like 'em. I'm looking forward to our next shoot, something I can say without reservation.